Gray Matter Gameplay

Gray Matter Gameplay

Gray Matter Walkthrough video game strategy guide Gameplay Video Part 1

Gray Matter, Jane Jensen, Gabriel Knight, PC, Xbox 360, Gameplay

Gray Matter is a point-and-click adventure video game developed by WizarBox and published by dtp entertainment for Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360.

Gray Matter was originally announced in 2003 as Project Jane-J and slated for release in fourth quarter of 2004. The game was put on hold in 2004 and later revived by a German publisher Anaconda in 2006, for a release in fourth quarter of 2007. The game was delayed further in early 2007 for a Q1 2008 date. In early 2008 development studio was changed from Hungarian Tonuzaba to French Wizarbox delaying the game to 2009.

The game will finally be available in Germany, Switzerland and Austria on November 12, on PC and Xbox 360. France, Spain and Italy should be next with a December 2 release, while the UK will have to wait until February 25 2011. We still do not know when the game will ship in North America.

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